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During the last century few Recreational Vehicles like Award have shown a design that dramatically influenced the market place. Award entered the North American market in the early 80's offering a distinctively aerodynamic and lightweight travel trailer. Through years of continuous R & D Award emerged as the industry leader in "towability". Award travel trailers continue, to this day as a leader in the market with its sophisticated design, luxurious amenities, and superior features and benefits.

We know that Award customers are looking for a quality product, not necessarily a price sensitive buyer who understands the advantages, innovations and value invested in an Award.

Now take a journey to the next level, a "Step beyond the Ordinary".
As one of Europe's most popular travel trailers, Award came to this continent with a proven shape which provides ease of towing with their aerodynamics proven in England in wind tunnel tests. Since its introduction our product has gone through many refinements which to this day make it one of the most towable travel trailers in North America.

Let us explain: Looking at the front of the trailer you will notice that it is sloped in four directions. When traveling down the road the wind will be split and displaced over and under the trailer and along each side.
  • The front of the Award's upward slope begins at a low point. The upward slope introduces a rolling motion to the air flowing up and over the top of the trailer. The inverted-hull shaped roof then cuts through this air and displaces it to each side thus forcing the air into a rolling motion over the entire length of the unit.
  • The roof of the trailer is curved down at the rear. This allows the wind to flow downwards and then return to its natural flow, eliminating much of the vacuum and drag created by square backed, flat roofed trailer designs.
  • The downward slope on the lower section of the front nose cone directs some of the displaced air down under the trailer. This air flows unobstructed beneath the undercarriage to the rear where it joins with the natural air flow from above.
  • The lateral curve of the front helps keep displaced air close to the sides of the trailer. This reduces the vacuum caused by the air as it flows around the front of the unit again reducing turbulence and wind drag.
  • The LP bottles are enclosed within the front fiberglass nose cone thus eliminating any interference with the wind flow. The front cast acrylic window serves as an integral rock guard that enhances the trailers aerodynamic performance, maintaining a flush surface and conforms to the lateral curve of the front nose cone.
In conclusion: Award Travel Trailers have been designed and engineered to reduce wind drag when towing, by managing and displacing the onslaught of air to maximize its towing capabilities. This feature provides both, both improved fuel economy and less stress on your tow vehicle.
Many of the aerodynamic features designed into the Award provide superior towability, with a distinct difference. Aerodynamics is the science that displaces the wall of air when being towed. Towability is how well the product handles itself on the road. This feature highlights how the Award has earned the reputation in ease and safety in towing.

Let us explain: Towability is accomplished through the shape, the use of specific components and manufacturing techniques in Award production.
  • We discussed the inverted-hull shaped roof and how the air is split forcing it into a rolling motion. This action also exerts downward pressure on the trailer roof to provide better tire to road contact and stability.
  • The peak roof design also allows for shorter side walls which result in less susceptibility from cross winds, trucks and buses to sway, as well it lowers the center of gravity for more stability.
  • All of Award's floor plans have been carefully designed to place heavier items, such as appliances and air conditioner, closer to the axles. The central balance that results from this contributes greatly to the Award's performance.
  • The Award fresh water tank is located directly between the two axles underneath the floor. This results in an even balance when the tank is filled and hitch weight remains constant. The water tank located either in the front or rear of a trailer results in substantial towing variances and characteristics, based on water levels.
  • The Award's center of gravity is also lowered by locating the water tanks below the floor.
  • The Award features two unique Torsion Rubber Suspension Axles. This benefits its towability by providing a better tire to road ratio. In contrast to leaf spring axles Award's wheels are independently affected by uneven road services.
  • Other towing benefits from this type of suspension are increased shock absorption, predictability and responsiveness. The conventional leaf-spring axles tend to continue bouncing upon absorbing a shock, the torsion rubber suspension, on the other hand, rapidly returns to its normal operating position.
  • Award uses a 12" electric brake system, rather than 10" that sets up braking on all four wheels with greater braking power.
  • Automotive technology applied to the alignment of the axles with high speed spin balancing for the wheels. These processes are critical in achieving a smooth ride, easy towing and even tire ware.
  • The tongue of the steel chassis frame begins under the trailer and pulls the Award from a point nearer the axles versus pulling it from the front of the main frame. In addition to improving the trailer's responsiveness it also allows the tongue to be narrower. Combine this with a longer tongue; aerodynamic radius front nose cone and LP tanks that are set back and enclosed, now much shorter turns are possible without damaging either the tow vehicle or trailer.
In conclusion: The Award Travel Trailers have been designed and engineered with towability in mind. Improved handling characteristics, improved stability and better towing performance all add up to towing excellence. Safe, easy towing is imperative to your peace of mind.
Quality, a word used liberally. Many manufacturers claim quality built, hand crafted, quality circles, and so on.

At Award we see quality; in our design and engineering, reliability, technical superiority, uniqueness, towability, workmanship, and the people who build and stand behind it. Our service and personal attention, camaraderie with ownership, and satisfied customers are a testimonial to the Award product.

As you read on and discover the Award product difference, we hope to be able to educate and prove that Award quality is designed with you in mind, providing the ultimate lifestyle choice, in travel and touring.

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